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30 Lies about Money - my book

  • Peter Koenig: Thirty Lies About Money

    Peter Koenig: Thirty Lies About Money
    Liberating your Life, Liberating your Money ---------------------------------------- "This book not only exposes misleading flaws and "lies" in many universally accepted and unquestioned assumptions about money—it dissolves them!"

Books that last for ever

  • Jacob Needleman: Money and the Meaning of Life
  • Bernard Lietaer: The Future of Money
  • Richard Douthwaite: Short Circuit
  • Hans Christoph Binswanger: Money and Magic

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Darcy Grubaugh

I can't understand why they are called lies. Those could've been called myths instead, since those came only from people's perspectives. Every interpretation would depend on the minds of the readers, though. Your interpretation is kinda discourse analysis, anyway.

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