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30 Lies about Money - my book

  • Peter Koenig: Thirty Lies About Money

    Peter Koenig: Thirty Lies About Money
    Liberating your Life, Liberating your Money ---------------------------------------- "This book not only exposes misleading flaws and "lies" in many universally accepted and unquestioned assumptions about money—it dissolves them!"

Books that last for ever

  • Jacob Needleman: Money and the Meaning of Life
  • Bernard Lietaer: The Future of Money
  • Richard Douthwaite: Short Circuit
  • Hans Christoph Binswanger: Money and Magic

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Kaiser Villaviciencio

These thoughts about money are very influential! I'm drowning with every deep explanation that each of them has. I'm feeling quite emotional and alive whenever I get to read them! I can say that the people who said these quotes have been living long in this world and experienced a lot about money matters already. I'll take some of these as pieces of advice and inspirations for my life from now on.

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